Tuesday, March 29, 2011


What I should also mention, is that nearly 4 weeks of very hard work got flushed down the toilet.
A couple of posts back, I was hopped up on energy drinks, because I'd just worked until about 4 in the morning to meet yet another (as it turned out, pointless) morning deadline.
The powers that be have asked for the (virtual) cameras to be revisited. They've decided it's necessary.
(This is something that is generally sorted before I get handed my part to do)
What this means is that I am faced with doing two very difficult shots all over again, when they get back to me. I'm anxious, because I'm worried this will happen again before this project is over. These are supposed to be my last shots.

The only reason I'm keeping on and not melting down completely with these stupid hours and this eyestraining, backaching work, is the thought, like a carrot on a string, that soon it might end. With a setback like the above, it's becoming a pretty small carrot.

Please o please let this contract be over soon.
I'm so very very veryveryvery tired. It's affecting everything.

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