Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I r fruzen

It was so cold today in the workroom, that not only have the polarbears moved into the renderfarm room, but penguins have shifted under the work desks.
I know the sun is shining outside, and we've barely hit autumn, so this "airconditioning"* is just a bit harsh, no?

This contract - at this point, can only be improved by doing everything with a pencil, and a lump of plasticine. What a silly industry this is, really! It can be a good industry - but like the little girl with the curl and the forehead and some obscure nursery rhyme reason - when it's bad, it's horrid! Can't believe it's taken up nearly nine months of my life. Actually, that's best not thought about at all, sooo...
Hooray for a sausage with sauce and bread, provided by the kindness of friends!
Let's hear it for friends.

* - air conditioning. This is when you train air to do tricks for you. Like be bloody cold. Air requires no treats or bribes, but it is capricious. This is why we breath in air. To keep it under control.
If air went about willy nilly, why, who knows what it might do? It might invade your home, or take over the planet.
Someone needs to sleep, that's for sure...

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