Thursday, March 24, 2011


That's right.
The noise you make at some interminable hour of the morning , still hopped up on the drinks of "energy".
Still. Soon .. soon this project will be put to bed. And then, so may I find my own!
This is promising.

Brought a bunch of monarch chrysalises on a (well decimated!) potplant, in to work. It's been butterfly madness, and I think it's been entertaining for my colleagues too.
Yesterday saw the eleventh butterfly released (over a span of a mere two days!)
I'm expecting three more in the morning.

Website overhauling is a slow process. But I've been goofing around with interactive imagery. Really should learn flash at some point. But I'm getting pretty fancy (for me!) with my html.
I do wish I knew how to make little games. I have the visual skills - and the technical ones - up to a point. The programming language is a big part of that point.

What else to say, before crashing into the zombieland of ZZZZ?

At the moment, the only thing I really am concerned about, is what is affecting the most recent crop of caterpillars. They're going all lethargic, and "folding". Suspect a disease in either the soil or the plant itself (which is a pretty sad thought.) - it's hard to pinpoint, but I'm ruling out insects, and there's been no spray near the plants in question. Vexing.

Mkay. Sleep. An must not be tempted by the local French delicatessen in the morning. Too good!

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