Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It's been a whirlwind of birth, death, marriage, and birthdays these past couple of months.
I lost my remaining grandpa (a lovely euphemism that. Where did I put him?) at the end of December. It was sudden, and we were all thrown for a bit of a loop.
And now I have returned from staying with my grandma, who turned 90. She's still brighter than I am , by a long shot! (this is not a difficult achievement)
Hassled her on the day though, as some other local lady had just turned 109!
"Where am I going?" still seems to be the current refrain of life. I've been giving Dunedin some thought.
Still drawing stuff and things, hoping to keep up with the John Howe monthly challenge this year - that would be good! Still playing a spot of WoW now and then, trying an oceanic server for a change of pace. They need an RP server for Oceania, does Blizz.

Sent the parents back to where they came from (by the less magical means of driving them to the airport..) at ungodly o'clock this morning. And now, I think I'll take myself to see "The King's Speech". I hear it's good... :)


GuanoLad said...

Come to Australia! Where things are kind of all right, and life isn't as bad as it might be. :/

Kirby said...

Oh hush you. ;)
I have seen your drop-bears, and know how terribly vicious they are.
Ravaging the countryside, and kidnapping small children up to the top of high towers...