Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hauling Pixels.

I dreamed that I'd updated the new website with all the images from the old one, that I wished to take. It looked shiny. Needless to say, I woke to find that this had not magically transpired.
In the meantime, before me there are four external hard-drives. If they had expressions, they'd be smug. They know I have to sort through the labyrinth of fileage.
Why you require high resolution images, 4ormat? Why???

Part of me is still tempted to nab the old layout that I made for 'drawingformonkeys' but alas, it doesn't play so nicely with the smartphone world. My cunningly contrived "rollovers" - kaput!
I'm trying hard not to be a luddite...

Ah well.  In other news, 11 more days left, before the end of the 100 days challenge, and the exhibition of it all!
Viewing: The Wire (Season 5)
Reading: Shamefully little right now.
Listening to: Trainspotting Soundtrack. And the mashups of Wax Audio.
Current food priorities: Yum Cha at HKD, bacon & tomato sarnies, steak with minty peas & spinach.
Cooking Experiment: Beer Pancakes.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I sit down with my pen and brush, I draw and...

I listen to Welcome to Night Vale.

It is a weird and wonderful little Lovecraftian style podcast set in a curious little town in the desert, from the perspective of the radio broadcaster "Cecil".
Sadly, I am now up to date on all current episodes... which means I will have to start all over again.
Ahhhh fate. Ahhhh time. Ahhhh fate and time together, combining to bring what chaos we do not know.

In other news, I am at the three-quarter mark on the 100 days project!

Friday, July 19, 2013

One step ahead of the Cold

I'll say this for headcolds. They'll send you to bed early, but if you are lucky, you'll wake up and feel a little better - at a silly hour of the morning, whereupon you will at once become productive!
So I've got the basics of the site up and running now.
4ormat's hosting is working out alright (subdomain and I, we are sorted - the pictures will be loaded up in better resolution in due course), and I've figured out that for the background image of this blog to show as a clean white, rather than the dulled image there previously, I needed to upload the background image as a .png file, not a .jpg (which Blogger seemed to delight in shading to a duller colour every time). Hopefully someone else searching for the solution will find this useful... someday! No idea why it worked really... but I suspect it's something to do with compression formats.

Blimey, but making a website these days.. all you people with your tablets and smartphones... *mutter*  - The one thing I won't be adding is facebook links. I don't like facebook, I find the targeted advertising repulsive, and everything's a bit cluttered.
(Clutter, I do not like. Just don't look at my living environment. I don't like it there, either, but the imaginaries are useless at cleaning up behind them...)
I may possibly indulge in tumblr. We'll see.

Now to check the emails, contemplate porridge, and see if I am required to wield ink today!

Drawing 42...

Significance Lost...  (The VSG is not always up to speed on its pop-culture references!)