Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hauling Pixels.

I dreamed that I'd updated the new website with all the images from the old one, that I wished to take. It looked shiny. Needless to say, I woke to find that this had not magically transpired.
In the meantime, before me there are four external hard-drives. If they had expressions, they'd be smug. They know I have to sort through the labyrinth of fileage.
Why you require high resolution images, 4ormat? Why???

Part of me is still tempted to nab the old layout that I made for 'drawingformonkeys' but alas, it doesn't play so nicely with the smartphone world. My cunningly contrived "rollovers" - kaput!
I'm trying hard not to be a luddite...

Ah well.  In other news, 11 more days left, before the end of the 100 days challenge, and the exhibition of it all!
Viewing: The Wire (Season 5)
Reading: Shamefully little right now.
Listening to: Trainspotting Soundtrack. And the mashups of Wax Audio.
Current food priorities: Yum Cha at HKD, bacon & tomato sarnies, steak with minty peas & spinach.
Cooking Experiment: Beer Pancakes.


Seraph said...

BEER pancakes ???

Seraph said...

Hey K - happy new year and all that. You going to post again ever ? ;-)

Kirby said...

Why, I just might!
You'd never believe that once upon a time I was a very good diary keeper ;D

Anonymous said...

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