Sunday, April 17, 2011


Lordy, what a whinging git I've been in these last few posts!
The latest contract seems to be over now... seems to... I'll believe it when the movie's out, just to be certain.

On the "things of oddness" front, I found some slides on the ground on my way into work recently. Me being me, I went "Oo! Slides! I wonder what they're of..."
Lo and behold, it turned out to be of one Heath Ledger! (nothing risque or that - but still a curious find!) Anyway. No-one in the area has recognised them so I took them down to the copshop to be all official like, and will call in periodically to see if anyone has made a "missing" claim. (You'll know the pertinent details if it's YOU! *points out to the wide world of the internets*)
(By the local claims rules, if nobody gives the particulars of their loss to the cops, in three months time I get to call dibs, which I do believe I will, because they still make for an odd little tale, and are cool in their peculiar way. This is of course, unless one of the folk from the other film place is able to trace it back to one of their lot! All of us are boggled as to how they ended up on the road in the first place... Car roof? Loose folder??)

Mr Ledger is not too badly off, for his rough time (not perfect, but not bad). But one of the other guys at work later found Susan Sarandon lurking in a bus shelter nearby, the next day. Sadly she was a bit worse for wear, having rolled in some muck. I was able to restore the slide to a better state, but this will never be one of her better pictures. ;)

What else, what else.
Vegeing out at home, doing sporadic tidying, reading, and WoWing.

Caught the movie "My Wedding and Other Secrets" a lovely little adaption of a documentary (by the same film-maker - Roseanne Liang - ) to a fictionalised retelling, neat and sweet in the charm of dealing with such an awkward situation - no brash forced comedy overdoings here! I liked the portrayal of the Mother in particular - v. sympathetic and well done. Hope she sends it off to some of the indy film festivals.
(I was also geeking out on the trainspotting of things that I recall from my own childhood - the train wallpaper and the little yellow wheeled horse in particular.)

So nice not to be at work for a bit. Have I mentioned that? :D I need to do some more drawing as well. Seeing as I redid my websites! All that remains is for me to get my sleep habits into better reconditioning. It's once more 3 a.m... Goodnight. :)

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