Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Joy of Potatos

Mashed with butter and salt, a dash of milk for extra smoothness, with minty peas and brown onion gravy, and a little meat to taste.
I love mashed potatos with peas and gravy.
It's the food equivalent of "Ommmmmmm" (and that other hit single "Ommmm" by some other monks.)

Simple is good.
Also, Blogger, please never go the way of Facespacejournalbook and all the other cluttered things out there. I hate the age of POWERINFORMATION!!! I'm terribly boring. I like plain and simple. It's perfect for those of us who have more to life than the internets. (waves at the very few folk who know of my own little niche here, and that's how I like it!)

*Shuffles off for more potato, chanting Omningnomheyaaanomnomnomommmmmmmmmmmm.*


marcus said...

I am also finding that I like the way of plain and simple. While I wouldn't mind a little more networkability, I don't want all of the insanity that comes with that either.

You must sign onto AIM and rp with me sometime. :p

Kirby said...

I will! I am! Where you is, eh? ;D
The potatos are already making sad little faces at me, and they're leaving butter all over the keys.
Naughty potatos.