Thursday, April 08, 2010

Missed.. again!

The first episode of the second season of Legend of the Seeker just screened here in NZ. And as with both cast/crew screenings before, I missed yet again the first seven minutes!
So I've STILL never seen all the eating hall sequence (my animation work) in the final edit. *facepalm!*

Arr well...
Wrap party was last week. Pleased to see Rob T. there though - it's been well over a year - two even! He's a smart and interesting guy. I really miss the days where the producers just dropped by, and everything was all done on the same lot.

4 more episodes to go, work wise.

If I had a choice of books to adapt though, I'd have gone for the Night's Dawn Trilogy, or Daughter/Servant/Mistress of the Empire series. Probably NDT at the moment.

Wonder how it'll be when we get to the end of this run of work? The Spartacus thing seems to be on hold for a wee bit, no word on if LotS will be picked up for a third season either.
Bit of a change would be nice.
Kinda looking forward to just mucking around on my own stuff really! :)

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