Monday, March 22, 2010

Where the Weekends are.

They drift by so swiftly, and work begins again so soon!
Three monarch butterflies have flitted from the house - uncooperative in my geekish desire to film them emerging from their chrysalises. "look behind you" - "oh! we're out"*
There's something kinda cool though about having one perch on your fingertips, waiting for the moment to fly away.

I'd like to model a caterpillar. In that magical time called "when work allows" >.<
And then find a good way to rig it to move as they do.

* Om alas, did not survive. The chrysalis is a gothic morbidity of smokey black with golden flecks, contriving to look cool even in death. Nom, Nom, and Nom have all turned out female. Two more chrysalises are left.

edited to add - Num hatched into a male butterbum, and Nim another female butterbum. Both were filmed, and you can view Num's escape here: Link of Youtubeness!

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