Thursday, March 04, 2010

Om, Nom, Nom, Nom, Num, and Nim.

So yes, caterpillar madness, and a potential tragedy - whereupon Om's chrysalis support (thanks to the tiny brain that thought attaching it to a tasty tasty plant-top leaf was a good idea...) has been eaten right off the plant. I found the chrysalis on the ground. It seemed to survive the metre fall, but then I dropped it from the tweezers, when trying to rescue it. A tiny chip seems to have flaked off the bottom, prompting a slight drip to form (cue gasps of horror), I've placed an equally tiny shred of tissue over it which appears to have stopped it, but I've no idea how badly this will affect teh butterfliness. If Om survives, I'll be so pleased.

These have been damned pampered caterpillars, choicest plant and sunny sheltered indoor position, there is caterpillar crap all over the bench I tell ya! Also, Nim made a surprise appearance this morning.

Here is Om, turning into a Chrysalis.

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