Thursday, February 25, 2010

Om, Nom, Nom and Nom.

The swan plant has four caterpillars. One large one (dubbed Om) and three small ones - Nom, Nom, and Nom respectively.
Also, I would like to report that I have managed to figure out how to make risotto shaped items.
(salmon, spinach, onion, pumpkin. Yum!)

Work-front stuff features the joys of slow-wiggling vines, and cloth streamers that fly through the air, trailing behind themselves. It would be simple - except for the necessity of contact points, and 'wrapping', and general strugglery. So it's time for a bit of painstaking chain-animation. Mercifully, the chap making the model and rig is a fairly smart cookie.

Sometimes for amusement, I pick up the mouse and "talk to the ball"
"Computer. Please - ..."

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