Thursday, April 15, 2010

Like an Imperial Cruiser Batman Pterodactyl...

So the note comes in from our gloriously poetic dictator of effects.
He does not want to see a flying monkey. (Never mind that the creature is a hominid with a tail and wings). I am to "feel" the threat of the aforementioned combination of an Imperial Cruiser, Batman, Teradactyl (sic), Condor thingy and convey this feeling thusly in my animation.

Of course, "slower please, with less wing flap" might have also done the trick, but it's not nearly so gosh darn exciting, is it?

That the broadcasting standards authority may have issues with the exposed "flank"... of an inch tall, translucent pixie person? I didn't!
So translucent by the way, that "glass" is one of the descriptions? Could I please cover this flank with a wing? You mean this translucent wing? Of course. *forehead-palm*
Because burning people and melting faces, chopped off limbs and stabbings are nothing really - compared to OMG a distant side view of a see-through pixie tush. I could faint, I am so morally offended at the notion of something vaguely bottom shaped. It's all I ever think about. Bums Bums Bums!

But seriously - giving such notes the day before "finals" - ? What about the two weeks ago when the animation temps were first shown, eh? Good thing I didn't make it do a pole-dance with a pistil.
Don't tempt me.


marcus said...

i'd watch a pistil pole dance >>

Kirby said...

Heh - today I've been listening to some Deep Forest that I found on one of my co-workers mp3 lists - one's a raucous little stompy tune, and imagining a bunch of mayhem causing pixies to alleviate the boredoms!
It reminds me of a bad little "pictsie" that I wrote about once. (you might have liked him!)