Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family News Shaped Item

Grandpa is in the hospital. I'd been trying to get in touch with him for the past three days, and then it turned out my Mum, and one of his friends, had also been trying to do so likewise.
So we called the retirement village where he lives, and it transpired he'd fallen over sometime (on Sunday? Details were unclear) and was admitted to the hospital on the Monday.
So they're keeping him in for observation, and are doing checks on his various meds.
I went to see him this evening, with an ANZAC poppy from Sunday. (It's a very important day for him. PQ17, on the ship Palomares.)

It's weird, like a fledgling chick fallen from the nest, to see him like this - you know, harmless Grandpa, all bruised up where he'd faceplanted/hit his head. He's still a little bit on planet scramblebrain - shortterm memory took a bit of a hit I think. He doesn't remember how it happened. "I'm very fond of Kirsty," he tells me. I tell him: "I'm very fond of my Grandpa too."

On the rest of the familial front, Mum and Dad are shifting.. again. I've lost count, but I know this is somewhere around the 20th time. Wot it is with my family, I do not know.

And I hope to go and see Grandma (who rocks~!) in June.


marcus said...

It's not too unusual to be foggy-minded or forget entirely the circumstances surrounding a fall. Hopefully all remains well. And \o/ for grammy time!

Kirby said...

\o/ grammy time! bring eet awwwn!

And yar, he's been wobblier and wobblier for some time now, I think it was not a question of "would" it happen, but rather "when". His current blood pressure seems to have quite an extreme shift between him lying down and standing up, which they're testing, but he's had a pacemaker since his early 50's too...