Thursday, April 29, 2010

High Tea at the Domain

(Re. this weekend past - because it has been a busy few days!)

On Saturday, received a txt on the "picnic on Sunday, 11am, potluck free-for-all" vein. I toodled back to bed (as the text arrived in that timezone called "too early for me to get up just yet") and pondered over what to bring.

I thought about associations with One Tree Hill (and the Domain in which it lies), particularly the tea-shop where I remembered once having "high tea" with the scones and the savouries on those tiered plate thingies - when I was a kid.
And I thought about teaspoons. Specifically the teaspoons that I'd purchased a few weeks back at an antique shop.
Then I thought: "wouldn't it be terribly funny to rock on up to the picnic, with a full-blown Devonshire Tea (Scones with cream and jam, and of course, tea - - and to serve it up in style, with a proper tea-set of fine bone china!"

Thusly, I did rouse myself from the land of the bed, and set forth...
5 hours and several antiquey shops later, I had assembled this:
The teapot was really the clincher that made me go "yes, I can do this!" - as the lid had once been cracked (then repaired) and there was a chip in the rim, it was available for oodles less than a perfect one! ('Lady Hamilton' - Royal Albert).
Several matching/semi matching pieces later, mostly from lonely "single saucer & cup" types of a similar nature, a milk jug (which might have been a cream jug?) and a "sugar bowl substitute" (which was actually a jam dish!), I had what I considered to be a decent amount for tea in the park.
Picked up a thermos, for the containment of hot water, and somehow they all fitted just perfectly into a woven wickerbox from the local Trade Aid store.

Scones were made fresh on the Sunday morning, thanks to a friend's recipe, and at the picnic, this frivolity was ceremoniously unveiled to the enjoyment of all, omnomnom.
Presented on a lace tablecloth.
Of course!

And now you want scones with cream and jam. Admit it.

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