Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Just finished reading the first of the Michael Palin Diaries (the Python Years). Now itching to read the next, but scowling at the price of the new book because I'm a stinge! *kicks library - hurry up!*
I enjoyed it a lot. (and didn't know that he'd endeavoured since his late 20's to keep a diary every day!) Also ironic, seeing as I bought one for myself last year, to start this year with.
However, unlike Mr Palin who has had a lot of folk to meet, I have very very few! So perhaps I'll converse with my plants instead? Perhaps Hunter (S. Thompson) the (once very thin and scraggly and on the verge of death when I bought it) tomato plant. I promised it a larger pot if it lived.
It did - to my amazement. More pot for Hunter, it is!

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