Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oooooh deep and meaningful meaningfulness and recollective thoughs.

Right. Now that's out of the way, it seems I've got the privilege of hosting the family Christmas this year. Haphazard motley of family that it is! Everyone is getting plants, more-or-less.

Highlights of this year?

Making a knife with forge, anvil, etc.
Seeing the Grandma again.
Taking the puppet along to meet folk who actually make that sort of thing as their job. Bu appreciated for once that he was not being touched by children with tomato sauce covered fingers... (But they are cool folk, seriously. :) )
Drawing for a whole month, a picture a day.
Being surprised with breakfast one Sunday morning, by friends who showed up with everything and who then proceeded to cook it for me.
Having animation to do!
Stereograph cards and proper viewers!
Catching up with folk who I haven't seen in an age.
Meeting new 'uns.

I'm sure there must be other good things (although it is true that life can sometimes fall into the cycle of WORK, HOME-read/playgame, SLEEP. *wince*)

Oh oh, yes. And "Brewing Mead" for the first time! (it continues to bloop at my feet, even as I type.)

I have some excellent friends.
Happy New Decade, if I don't type another entry before that!

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