Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Here is the Title!!

Finally. Found that bloody setting and reactivated it.

So. New Year - excellent time up at N & K1's, listening to quadrophonic morepork at night.
Glad that not all the tadpoles in their tiny ex-dam pond have made it to frog-hood yet, or it would have been deafenabubble.

Once more I am fruitlessly drafting up variants on the four-legged puppet theme.
There's just something in me that would love to be able to do a whimsical park-theatre puppet thing - I imagine a large shaggy blue furred beast playing "soccer" with a beachball and another shaggy pink furred beast. That image has been around in my head for ages.

Also have a picture idea for Mr Howe's monthly picture challenge, so working on a sketch that I'll call Mistress of Spiders for now. ( )

In the war of me v's the flat, the flat is currently winning. I'll have to do something about that. Added a whitecurrant to the terrified bunch of potted fruit-plants who are hoping desperately to survive to the next year. I've enjoyed blackcurrants and redcurrants in the past, but never tried a whitecurrant!

Also, need to get the mead bottled around now, methinks. Which means finding a shop that will supply suitable bottles...


GuanoLad said...

If I know you, what you really want is to become a landstrider.

Seraph said...

Hey K - can you give me a direct link to that monthly picture challenge ? It sounds interesting ( love your title too ! )

Kirby said...

I was thinking something shaggy and blue on four legs, because I can't get the image of one playing with a beachball out of my head!

Also, the monthly picutre challenge was just something I made up for me :D
(assuming my attempts at linking work ;)