Friday, January 15, 2010

10 years oy vey...

So it's been ten years now since I started working with the folk I currently still seem to be working with. On a contractual basis... still here.
That's a good thing - stable income is good.
Every so often I get the complacency police in my mind. They say "yes, it's good and stable and all, but there's not been all that much animation in it, has there?"
I'm really not quite sure what to do in such situations. It usually passes, but it's taking a few days at the moment!
Strike out in new directions? Take risks?
*hugs comfortable little flat, and hides under the covers.*

And I have had one decent bit of animation to do, towards the end of last year!
I'll see if I can find a youtube link that hasn't yet been deleted... and conveniently a few folk have this bit up!
This is a portion of it (missing start and end, but has the nice profile growl-in-face bit, and the crawling on ceiling bit. The end closeup isn't mine - it was originally supposed to be the puppet that was built for the purpose. I felt sad that it didn't get used in the end production cut :( - I've got a soft spot for "real" things. )

P.S. Remind me to make up a proper showreel sometime, now I have something that I'd actually put on it!

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