Monday, January 18, 2010

Death and Destruction.

Start of another week, throwing folk off things, and tearing up the world (how often that happens, and nobody feels a thing!).

Listening to Life of Brian, watching the farm of rendering, typing this.
Oo yes - thats right! Must make a birthday card for the Grandma...

"Hello Grandma, it's me. Yes yes, I apologise for the disturbance of the world's surface. The green smog will pass. And don't mind the roman there. He got in the way. What? Nono. Apparantly the manner in which he died last time simply wasn't appropriate to the scene. It's all about appropriateness. I'm sure human resources will cope."

I could also be pelting everything with jellybeans for added comic effect, but that job was a few weeks ago. ;)

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