Thursday, May 14, 2009

This past weekend was the weekend of the NZ 48 hours film-making competition - I pitched in to help with the team of a friend :) - we drew musical...
I've yet to see the end result, so looking forward to that this coming weekend.
At the same time, my sister was having multiple panic attacks - not so much fun.
She accidentally poisoned herself a couple of months ago when she got some de-fleaing liquid on her skin - it dehydrated her, and affected her vision and gave her a pretty big scare - she was afraid to fall asleep in case she didnt wake up.
Subsequently, she started having panic attacks whenever she became aware of "dryness in her mouth" - not an uncommon thing at this time of year.
I've never seen her reacting like this before, but because I had some experience of my own with such things, I could at least talk her through it.
For her, it's an alien experience.
It was for me, when I first had them too.

So we're getting through that patch! But yes, on top of the 48hours competition, it was a very busy and tiring weekend, with not much sleep!

On other random notes, more stereographs have been acquired, as of a couple of weeks ago, (via the friend whose team I was part of) - of Brit'colonial India. Some of the descriptions are splendidly anachronistic. Also there's a couple of shots of the coronation of King Edward, in Canada.
They're in pretty good condition overall, with only slight fading, and markedly better than my first acquisitions!
However, I still covet the wonderful ones acquired by a workmate, of documentation of the Boer war. I think those ones will be my benchmark! They are excellent.

Second random note - biscuits. Yay me. I made them a couple of days ago, and felt very domestic about it all. They're even edible.

The weather is turning here, it's definitly getting colder as NZ slides towards winter.
Going outside is like playing Frogger with the weather. It may rain at any moment...!

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Seraph said...

Good to hear that you were involved in the 48 hr comp ! It's the sort of thing you should do ! I love the 48 - but it's difficult to be involved with Angelo on the scene now. I ALMOST could have done it this year ... if it wasn't for the school production. Damn. Never mind !