Monday, March 23, 2009

New stereographs acquired! (Or rather, old stereographs acquired.)
And another "viewer", this one with the wire support for the cards. 'Tis made of wood.
(Wooden lenses :D ? Hmm...)
Subjects range from fancy French hotel dining room, to somewhere in Ireland, to the botanical gardens in Dunedin (NZ), to a couple of spiffing young chaps posing on a bridge in laconic fashion.
Other subjects as well, it was a mixed lot.
Most of the images are in less than stellar condition, but still cool nonetheless, and all are over 50 years old - in the case of the French hotel dining room, around 100.

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Seraph said...

You're on a roll Kirby ! Both in the freaky-old-pictures way and in the posting way ! Good for you ! :-)