Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hooray for portable modems!
Yes. For the first time in years I can access the net at work....
Not that there's much time! Lots of animating to do for the first ep. of Seeker, thank the gods I'm not doing all of it, but it sure feels that way >.<
The angel film is out now (Vintner's) - a bit hammered by the critics, which is a pity. I expect though, it will have a niche audience who will like it very much.
Could put wings on Bu, suspect he would not be amused (scratchiness!), and would attempt to ditch them at the first opportunity... Heh.
Today's chocolate is brought to you by Whittaker's - 62% Cocoa, Dark Mocha. Coffee infused deliciousness!
Now, back to work...

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