Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bon freakin' jour to you!
Could this be a blog of rampant cynicism? Nah. Too apathetic for that right now.
I think I've been blooging too much in a different place, hence the sad neglect you see before you now.
Alas, poor blog.
Today was "pet a small grey cat" day. Box checked, mission accomplished. That I name it "Pet a Small Grey Cat" day, after the petting of a small grey cat, is entirely coincidental and not without sentimental value.
Tomorrow, doubtless, shall be "Wake up some time before midday" day. Or maybe "draw a picture" day, or something equally joyfully trivial.
Read about Montaigne, why don't you?
And if you are a newspaper proof reader (as opposed to the newspaper-proof reader), do your job. The monkeys are making errors in your absence, and abusing the humble apostrophe l'eft righ't and cen'tre.
What kind of word is "proof" anyway? It sure sounds weird.
Good night, citizens. Your dictatorial animator is going to get some sleep now, while stocks last.

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