Monday, May 30, 2005

Arrgle. I'm in here somewhere.
One of those days where things don't quite go right, where I'd rather not be "cheered up", just because I'm feeling a bit mellow and washed out. It doesn't mean I'm unhappy, okaaaaaaay? :) And my windscreen wipers also decided to uncouple themselves from the mechanism that drives them. This, in Auckland, rainiest city in the world (sometimes), is not a particularly useful thing.

So, for the otherwise side of the day, have been to the "finals" of the local "48 hours" filmmaking competition. 11 really good choices, and one that didn't match its genre very well at all, so why was it there? Grump grump flibble flibble.
The winner was a winner, the runner up was also a winner, most of them were pretty damned good really. Chihuahuas, monkey puppets, musical-with-banana, a really nice little horror number, and fairytale "trick camera" magic.

(The competition in a nutshell - an hour prior to the start of the official 48 hours, each team gets to draw a random genre, all teams must incorporate a specifically named character (with specific trait),a line of dialogue, and a prop object, also drawn in that timeframe. Then it's go go go!)
Animated one this year - didn't get to the finals stage, but hey, with 120 entries (a few from professionals!), not much a surprise there.
Here's a li'l pic' of two of my "stars"...


:) We had a good time and were pleased with our result anyway.
Oh yeah - just listen to that rain bucketing down outside - an hour ago it was a cloudless night. Typical! At least I'm feelin' better. :)

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