Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I woke up this morning with the word "Cowvlar" on my mind. Kevlar and Cows? WTF would cows be wanting with that?
And why would I wake up with that thought on my mind? All I wanted was a simple solution to the problems of humanity.

Had another bout of ant massacre guilt this afternoon.
Sometimes I wonder if this is how temptation works - one's Deity (or "unknown causality") accidentally leaves the crumbs of temptation upon the planet of one's life. Then gets frustrated to find that humans have clustered upon it, and destroys them all - at the same time feeling guilty for being both the cause of the temptation in the first place, and then the cause of death!
Man, that's some hypothetical theology I really don't want to mess with.
Even gave the "breath of warning" across the poor little blighters, but my patience didn't last long enough, and it was Psssht with the spray-can, and annihilation!

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