Tuesday, March 08, 2005

"...And so I went to see the performance a third time!"
Ah, farewell SOMA! (And please come back again...)

What I particularly enjoyed with "Cabaret D├ęcadanse", as I have said before, was seeing two (sometimes even all three!), puppeteers, pouring their energy into one vessel, where the combined concentration drew forth a performance from the puppet that somehow seemed to happen on its own.

I guess it's the power of belief. They believe in the character. We believe in the character. Therefore the character exists, but where does it go when the lights are out and all is packed away? I think it relaxes in a little private dressing room somewhere in the mind of the puppeteer - no doubt, one with a shiny star on the door - when it isn't taking a stroll through the realm of the thoughts, that is...!
And sometimes it may step across space and into the minds of people in the audience, even after the show is over and everyone has gone home.

I wonder what would happen if a puppeteer made a puppet based on his/herself - would it act like the puppeteer, or like a subverted personality instead?!
Ah, enough of psychuppetry - it is far too late at night. (4 a.m. - some might call this "morning"!) :p

And meanwhile, somewhere on a plane (at this very moment even!), Serge, Enock, Anne-Marie, and Raynald have been crammed into the overhead lockers (or maybe the hold), whilst Lorraine, Conrad, Mauve and Kiko occupy the seats...

Bon Voyage SOMA!
(I just hope for their sake, that the sock puppet hasn't assumed control of the plane...)



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