Tuesday, October 05, 2004

So I am getting my back seen to (having wrenched it on the weekend), by Oleg the cool Latvian osteo/chiro/deep tissue massage genius, and we were talking about martial arts.
Turns out that when he was a younger lad in his Latvian days, it was forbidden to learn Karate in Latvia, by the government of the time. (I am assuming this meant the Soviet one.) So he and several of his buddies would sneak into the forest to "practice Karate" in the darkness. (To be caught at it would have meant a spell in jail, and certain privileges being revoked!)

I really liked the imagery of it all..
And for extra value, Yoga had been banned as well... (Karate was banned "in case they should utilise it in rebellious acts against the government" ?!!), Yoga was seen as being some kind of "non-acceptable" religion!

I think the bans happened in the late seventies, early eighties, but it's okay now. Well, yoga became popular, and I'm assuming it's okay to do the karate thing too.
But imagine that! Once upon a time, Latvian doctors sneaked into the woods to practise forbidden Karate. (Although I think Kung Fu has a more mysterious ring... ;) )


Grandma back from Canada. I love my Grandma, she is cool. Wonder if she brought me back a Mountie as per request? Suspect not, as the horse might have been a bit of a problem for the Customs Officials.
Going to visit her soon. Yay Grandma!

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