Monday, October 04, 2004

Achievements of today:
Successfully belched "Elvis Lives".
My Flat and I call it a draw in the battle for tidiness.
Caught up with friends, and have just finished an enjoying conversation along the "coincidences and remembering people one has known, who have since moved on, and esoteric beliefs", sort of line.
Rediscovered a cosy old jumper, which I am currently wearing. I think it was pleased to see me, as I haven't worn it this year until now, even though it's technically "mid spring" here!
A cold night still, so the 'leccy blankie has been set to 3, and I am awaiting the perfection of toasty warm sheets.

Also, my chess game needs more work in order to thump yesterday's opponent of marginal skill who has only fluked more wins than I, through sheer stupidity and luck! You know who you are - or maybe not, that might take too much effort!
Still, I think my opening "loser pawn being attacked by 'face hugger' Alien" gambit is pretty good.
And when my bishop announces that "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" in a squeaky little voice, you can just tell it's going to be an intellectually challenging game.
Next time.. next time I get you GOOD, and show you up for the looooser chess player that you ought to be!
Sleep, sleep with disturbing little dreams, my pretties...
I am off to enjoy crisply warmed sheets of goodness.

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