Sunday, September 12, 2004

In the roundabout way of conversations...

Nich - "I believe the whirligig was also a medieval torture device like a metal cage, in which the victim was spun until they were violently horribly ill"
Me - "That sounds like a ride people would pay good money for, these days."

It did lead to me wondering what the Spanish Inquisition could have done with a rollercoaster! *winch winch winch* "This is your last chance to confess" *winch winch winch* "No? Well, down you go ... to HELLLLL!!"

Followed by *winch winch winch* "Okay - we are giving you a second chance.. no?"
On second thought, one of those "drop you from the top" towers like they have at the Tivoli Gardens would be almost as good - if not better - and no doubt there would be nasty metal spikes surrounding the base, just to make you "really" scared...

There's an idea. The Spanish Inquisition Theme Park. Where you can get thrown into an "iron maiden" and then spun 360 degrees all over the place. Wheeeeeeee!!!

Then there would be the daily (nocturnally?) night time parade where heretics being merrily burnt at the stake are towed along the torch lit parade route, to the tune of a children's international chorus warbling that beloved hit - "It's a Small (minded) World After All!"

Al of this to be lead by a giant dancing rodent surrounded by frolicking minions dressed as the fleas that carried the bubonic plague.

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