Thursday, September 23, 2004

Drove back up to Auckland from Wellington yesterday - about 9 hours as the crow drives.. (including the many times I had to pull the car over to the side of the road to photograph this or that.)
Desert Roat brilliantly clear. (For a moment I'm imagining you read this as "Dessert road, imagining a highway festooned with all manner of puddings. Yum! I digress.)

The Desert Road in New Zealand is a long expanse of highway flanked mostly by reddish and yellowish tussocks, that stretch quite away into the distance. Then suddenly the distance ends at the foot of two ditinctive mountains. Ruapehu (two peaks), and Ngauruhoe (named for a Maori local god) 7516 ft.

Took stereoscopic images of both mountains, not sure how it will work, as distant objects don't appear terribly 3d-ish. But the tussock stretching away into the distance ought to look pretty good.
New Zealand was looking pretty sexy that day! Fine weather, snow covered peaks, rolling hills, tussock stretching away into the distance,blue green rivers/bays, all sorts of kiwi goodness really.
Then I get a text from Stuart, telling me he's in Kilmartin Glen (Scotland) - the bastard! ;) My favourite place outside of New Zealand! Would love to be there again.

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