Friday, September 10, 2004

Finally! I got a copy of "Teach yourself Icelandic" - one of those CD + book combination things. Why Icelandic?

I figured learning Icelandic would be the most sensible thing to do as the language most closely approximates the Old Norse writing of some of the eddas (sagas) that I wish I could read! Also it would help me out with Blogiþrótta, as I suspect poor Beorn wishes I knew Old Norse better.

Well, funnily enough, New Zealand is not known for its teaching of the Old Norse language! It is also a small island group on the other side of the world from Iceland. I wonder if there is anyone in Iceland who is attempting to learn the 'native' language of New Zealand? (Maori)

I like to think that someone might be, just because it would balance the universe rather nicely.

Balancing the universe is an art. I don't know how I manage it whilst still remaining upright. Now that I think of it, lying down would take some of the pressure off my feet. Time for bed!

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