Saturday, August 07, 2004

Pleased with myself for doing a bit of animation, in a fit of pique at having not done anything for a while! It's very short, has no sound, and may not be worth the download time, but heck, I did it, and here's a link to the page where it can be downlud (like downloaded, only much more subtle and meaningful!).
"LINK" !
And here's a picture of the little guy.
Ain't he cute? Awwww! - or as others have said, "Ewwww! What's that?"

For other visual weirdness, you can flick to my other blog (the sedentary travel one, referred to in the little box next to the big "animbus") and enjoy an experiment in wiggly vision.
Whizzbangs! Off to see Hellboy tonight.

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