Sunday, August 08, 2004

So... Hellboy... (no spoilers)

Hooray! Ron Perlman is great, indeed, all of the actors were excellent. It is a really comfortable movie to watch.
It is not another Spiderman - I prefer it to Spiderman. If Spiderman is a big commercial hamburger restaurant chain, then Hellboy is a locally run burger joint that "makes really good burgers". (Satisfying ones!)
Although there are effects (obviously) in Hellboy, the movie does not "rely" on them, because there is very solid (and personable) acting from all, which is what really carries the film. (As it should be.)! There's nice work done with 'Abe', too.
My thoughts - "Dear Lordie, a 'comics based' film that deals well with character & interaction, using excellent actors who do a great job with their roles."
It gets a big red righthand thumbs up, here!

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