Thursday, August 05, 2004

Grrrr! Tax!
I tell ya, I wanted to bite some of the paper that I couldn't find earlier this evening. I wanted to rend all those accounts from paper limb to paper limb. Growl! Gnash! Bite! Savage! Grr Grr Grr!
Dammit, now that it's over and done, I'm going to perform a visual pun. I'd like to call it: "Tax Dodging" (...gets up, skips over and dances lightly between all the papers littering the lounge-room floor...).
Go on. Laugh, you accountants, like I know you want to. But when it's brought out as an Irish dance stage extravaganza ("Paperdance, Lord of the Tax"), you'll regret it. And I will be the star, for I have earned by the sweat of my brain tonight, the right to dance over every single damn piece of paper in my "box of reckoning". All that effort just for a few measley dollars - I don't know why I bother - showbusiness, pah.
When I audition for accountants to be my backing line-dancers, you'll find the ad right here.
(Applicants must hold at least a three year degree and be a practising accountant, there will be special consideration for those who are chartered. Applicants must also be able to hop from one foot to the other, with a reasonable sense of timing, and the ability to keep their arms straight is a bonus. Shoes will cost 19.5 % extra, for those who fail to bring their own, as calculated in column B, page 65, in a book with tiny writing and lots of boxes of its own devising.)
Penalties for late applications will apply, and I'll make up the rest as I go along.

Renee, I'm thinking of having a line of professional fainting doctors as a special Busby Berkley theatrical tribute. Are you in? We'll also try and line up some newborns to slide along a specially greased portion of the stage into some fluffy towels. It'll be heartwarming and special!
And Juzzza, try and come up with some suitable toe-tappin' music. I'm counting on ya! (accountancy pun not intended...)

See? Tax does strange things to the mind. Get yourself an exciting and professionally trained accountant today! (Preferably one with the secret skills of a ninja, sunglasses like Agent Smith's, and sparkly white teeth that gleam.)
Me, I'm going to get myself into a lovely warmed bed. Nighty night!

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