Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I need to develop a device.
The "Gilliomancy" device, by means of which, I shall divine the course of my life by the works of Terry Gilliam.
Watched "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" a couple of nights back, and realised how uncannily the tone of the piece reflected how I feel in that awful time of post wake-up, pre arrival-at-work, state. (90% of it whilst I'm still in bed, and not attempting to evade the law of horizontal gravity at all.)

The rest of the time, it seems to be a combination of Perry from The Fisher King, Jabberwocky/The Holy Grail, and some of his early animation.

Tiny Rant! - I'm particularly fucked off by the local news broadcasts of late! What the fuck are they giving top billing to the "waiting for trial" antics of a local crim' for? Do the programmers think I want to be amused by this guy? Or to shake my head and go "tsk tsk?" at his behaviour? It's not NEWS. And it ain't entertainment either, not to me.
Being so terribly adult and all, I jammed my headphones on my head (they play the evening news where I work), and refused to pay any more attention until the article was over.
Then I just continued working, and listening to my music, anyway!
Last night I put my fingers in my ears and went la-la-la, while watching the ceiling!
Is the news another "reality *coughfckoff* tv show"? Mmm - I suppose it always was. (My brows are making wrinkles over this disturbing thought...)

Here's another word. Vegeucation! (the kind of learning you'll get from watching all those reality shows/news extravaganzas!)
Are you Vegeucated yet?

Must remember to step outside my head for a breather..
Will go and listen to the Blue Öyster Cult again! (A recent discovery of a band that's been around for a very long time.)
Laaaa, la la la la...

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