Monday, August 02, 2004

And now.... Dr R. Liang's guide to successful swooning for beginners.

Step 1. Facing in the direction of your choice, bend slowly at the knees.
Step 2. As you bend your knees, swivel your body 90 degrees to the right (or to the left, if you are left handed, or just feeling contrary.)
Step 3. Bring your left kneee to rest on the floor (or your right knee, if you have turned to the left).
Step 4. Now, take your left hand (or right) and extend it along the floor, as you slide gracefully onto your side. Remember to watch your speed. Excessive graceful sliding may cause carpet burn.

Point to remember. Avoid flicking your legs up in the air after landing on the floor, as it renders the effect less graceful. Also, grinning is less than convincing, even if your eyes are closed with all sincerity.

By this Caveat, Animbus & the good Doctor take no responsibility for your actions or that of the consequenses of your actions. We believe in the application of common sense. To the forehead. In a fluffy white towel.

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