Saturday, May 08, 2004

Never trust a musician. They can only read music.
Anything as complex as an airline ticket is a bit much.
Right, Juzzza? ;)

But seriously folks, (all 1.2 people who read this, of which .06% may be Kiwis)
Justin Thorne is arriving in Auckland, New Zealand - sometime in the next 48 hours...
(Unless the planet has indeed shrunk to such a small size that he does arrive tomorrow after all!) - "who he?", you ask?
Justin is a musician who plays some pretty cool acoustic alt/folk-rock.
Playing at the All Nations Tavern (formerly Java Jive) on the 14th and 20th of May.

I feel like such a music pimp. I want a fedora, a big loud coat and a white stretch limo.
So anyway - go see him if you can, check out his music if you can't.

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