Thursday, May 13, 2004

Interview with Justin Thorne, 13th of May. (or 14th, depending on where you live.

JT: True.

Animbus: So. When did you realise you were destined to be a world famous musician?

JT: I haven't yet, I just hoped.

Animbus: I see. So how's the hoping going?

JT: (laughs) hah! Well, I guess this is the first stage. (Of New Zealand - ) This is about as fucking international as you can get.

Animbus: True. If you can't make it in New Zealand, you're a nobody. So was it New Zealand's larger size that made you choose it over Jersey? (Channel Islands), or was it our fetching wildlife?

JT: Um, Hmm, let me think. I would say that... I wanted to test the music in a - with a different culture, different music culture - there are so many people here who can play - if you can make it here you can make it anywhere, I reckon.

Animbus: So, where to next?

JT: New York

Animbus: At...

JT: Bar 55, a jazz dive - they called themselves a smokey dive, but since you can't smoke there anymore, it's just a dive. And if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. So you could say I'm testing myself really.

Animbus: New Caledonia?

JT: Where's that? Canada? Is it snowy there? I'm from Old Jersey (rather than New Jersey), playing in New Zealand, and New York. (Reels off a list of a few more placenames starting with New!)

Animbus: New Caledonia is a tropical island, that I think belongs to France.

JT: Tropical? Like French Polynesia?

Animbus: Yes, I think so. What's a relevant question I can ask now?

JT: You could do a favourites list. Or if you want to ask anything about the songs or anything?

Animbus: Go on then. What are your favourite songs generally?

JT: The Professor (Damien Rice), Grace (Jeff Buckley), Baby be my Friend (Free), and too many Led Zeppelin songs to mention.

Animbus: Here's a good one. What got you into playing the Guitar?

JT: Thought it looked cool.(grins)

Animbus: ... ! Why have you continued then?

JT: 'Cause it does look fuckin' cool, eh! (grins again)

Animbus: What has been your best stage moment thus far?

JT: Winning Battle of the Bands 2003 (Channel Islands, Chicago Rock), because we didn't think we'd win, so we just went out and enjoyed ourselves playing, y'know? (Chicago Rock is a chain of clubs a bit like the Hard Rock cafe. Only with more cheese, and less budget!)
The TV studios was a good one, that was quite surreal.

Animbus: So tell us how that happened.

JT: It was part of the prize for the Chicago Rock thing, they wanted us to play two of the songs in the studios for Channel TV.

Animbus: What's your next step when you get back

JT: Get my arse in gear and send out copies of "...honey" to people who can actually make me famous.

Animbus: Fame, Fortune, or the respect of your peers? Which one.

JT: Respect. You can have Fame or Fortune with no Respect, although you probably can't have respect without some form of fame. If I'm earning the respect, it means (I hope) I can be earning the money to keep on doing it.

Animbus: But you won't give up your day-job until then.

JT: No.

Animbus: Have you considered it?

JT: Yeah, I've thought about it, and when the time comes thats right, I'll do it without a second thought but right now it's impossible.

Animbus: Do you reckon you'd have to leave Jersey to do it?

JT: Yep.

Animbus: Where would you base yourself?

JT: Jersey's still my home, so I'd base myself there, but I'd go wherever I'd have to go to do the job. It's only an hour from London.

Animbus: Hopes and dreams? - or are they still private?

JT: Just that I'm given the chance to build up some sort of following.

Animbus: Well you seem to have made a very good impression in those who have heard you thus far. Good luck for tomorrow night's gig - is there any traditional thing I should wish you, like break a finger or something, like with legs in the theatre?

JT: Mmm. Heart. Break some hearts. I don't know if that's traditional but that sounds pretty cool. Or wind...

Animbus: Yeah, you're right, that does sound pretty cool. Except the bit about the wind.
One last question, as the rain sets in over Auckland town... what's your impression of the New Zealand (JT) fans you've encountered thus far?

JT: They appreciate music, they're not afraid to say they enjoyed it, unlike the UK where they don't tell you either way. In New Zealand they tend to get more into it.

Animbus: (To UK fans) Justin needs to feel the love. Send him some of those lovin' vibes.

JT: Yeah, and no wind.

Animbus: Thanks Justin, and I hope you have a good night's sleep. :)

JT: Thanks. so do I!

(Ah yes. Time zones. Always fun...)

Animbus: Any last words?

JT: (pause) "If you think you can, or if you think you can't, you're right".

Animbus: Cool.

There we have it folks, his first international interview, live and direct from rainy New Zealand. (True!)

If he's playing at a place near you, check him out.

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