Thursday, May 20, 2004

Bad incidents (busted car mirrors) somehow become the basis for good things (being around to hang about with unexpected arrival of a friend, instead of being at work, going on to have a jolly good time!) , black becomes white depending on how you mix your paint, and a small grey cat will probably invite itself into your flat if you leave the door open. THE WORLD IS LIKE THAT!
(And sometimes your Cap-lock key goes on to make cheerful emphasis of the silliness of things!)

It is also quite possible, in a large city, to walk into some small shop to buy a present for a friend (in this case, a greenstone necklace), and discover that the lady who serves you over the counter not only came from the same small town as your father, but also happened to go to the same school, where she knew your aunt (father's sister), way back in 1960-something...

Not only that, but then someone you catch up with once in a blue moon will also wander into the shop as well, and you will enjoy catching up with them, on what's been happening!

Oh exclamation marks!!!


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