Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Returning to work after the holidays makes hours feel like they've been dipped in particularly strong tar. They cling! They draaaaag... they take forever to passss.

My brain is still in denial, my head looks about for a crossword puzzle, a cup of tea, my grandma.

Had the opportunity to watch an excellent documentary on re-enactment/live action roleplaying, by Pip Lowell-Smith ("Recreating Realms"). She's just completed it, and those of us who have seen it think it "jolly good!" Especially the bit with the children.

Last night amid copious stuffing of selves by freshly roasted juicy chicken-inna-bun, N, K1 and myself (K2) tackled an old board game of mine - Eurorails. A good game to revisit! We were all a pack of laughing degenerates by the time midnight rolled around. One of the interesting features of Eurorails is the fact that one gets to draw in crayon on the board! The E.U. doesn't stand a chance with us in charge of the rail system.

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