Friday, December 26, 2003

As I type at this very minute, I am aware of the wallpaper on my grandparents' computer. I believe it is the same background I see when the computer shuts down - that of fluffy white clouds on a blue background.
Irony, hello?

Just been for a walk, apathetic creature that I am. I think it was as an antidote to the television in the corner of the livingroom.
Having a telly blaring in your lounge is like having a person shout at you for a few hours. I hate the noise of the thing. (Especially when it's a programme featuring angry frustrated people.)

I am glad my grandparents don't watch half as much television as one might expect. I enjoy my visits which feature a lot of tea/coffee drinking, and the daily cryptic crossword.

I even like how my grandmother admonishes me not to spend too long on the computer. And I comply!

I have never had the impression that my grandmother was "old-fashioned". She is very sensible, but she knows how to laugh at life too. If I should find myself like that as I get older, I should be doing well.

Here endeth the day's thoughts.

Two good books to read.
The No. 1 Lady's Detective Agency by Alexander McCall, very easily readable with good characters! I got it for Christmas, and (being fast of "read"), finished it in the wee small hours of Boxing day! Nice.
The other is: Deep New Zealand - Blue water, Black abyss, by Peter Batson.
Who wants to be a Viperfish? Or one of those classic Anglerfish?
And I had never heard of the Vampire Squid before reading it here! Fish get all the cool names.
(Peter & Sarah - have you guys heard about this book yet? You should really check it out! ;D )

Humans love sparkly, shiny, and luminous things. It's the truth!
When they dicover the luminous mirrorball fish (Discoidia Rotatis), I will declare myself well satisfied with the deep sea.

P.S. - I am fascinated about whatever it is that is sifting through the words of my blog and using it to determine what kind of banner advertising should be appearing at the top there.
Currently it is about car parts.

I wonder if in a week it'll be about marine biology? Or fishing supplies? Let me try an experiment.
Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish!
Go and check it out. Did it work? :)

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