Sunday, February 01, 2004

My poor little cactus.
Truly, it is suicidal.

It sits upon the window sill
looking almost faintly ill
Window open, not a shout
The little bastard has jumped out.

I was walking up the drive this evening, and I was going "aww! is that a cute little baby hedgehog in the driveway?", in the gloom.
Went up to it (save nature from squashy car wheels etc.).. and it's my cactus.

Funny, I remember looking outside earlier in the day at an empty pot plant holder in the driveway, wondering where it had come from.

Once I caught it precariously wedged between the open window and the ground.
Is it a cry for attention, or is my current mission of watching the Babylon 5 dvd sets just really too much?

On B5, having not seen this series before, but now digesting it at the behest of my friends, one thing is true. "Garibaldi" is a future descendant of Bruce Willis.
(But that's cool.)

Bruce Willis has a certain "factor" - dang if I know what the actual factor is, but it's called (surprise) the "Bruce Willis Factor".
Maybe it's the slightly restrained "resignation to fate" look that he does so well. He is the Everyman!

I am drinking delicious Prenzel "honey buzz". Brandy and borage honey - rrrrrowr! Great for supressing potential sore throat.

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