Monday, December 15, 2003

"She went past the point of No Return... and now she's BACK."

Hey, any director wanna buy a movie catchphrase?
I've no idea what the movie would be, but i imagine something horrorful with Jamie Lee Curtis would probably sound about right. Maybe a Halloween Christmas special, with some light yet tasteful special effects, to minimise the lard on the brain.

On the topic of movies - the sad story of "Underworld".
I won't give away the plot (because frankly there isn't much) - but someone should have gone easier on the strike-a-pose filter.
I like Vampire and Werewolf movies, don't get me wrong here, but this is the first time I have ever exercised my right to walk out of a theatre.*

There were a couple of actors that were good in it, more's the pity, as I might have been persuaded to stay if they had been enough to tip the balance!
But in the entire hour that I stayed, there was not the tiniest bit of humour, nor any attempt at camaraderie.
In fact, basic human interaction. Ahh. Now I see where I tripped up. No Humans! ;)

Let me now introduce to your lexicon, a recently coined term by Hans "Hansi" Hammond, a great Norwegian thinker. The term is [b]"Candy Goth"[/b], i.e. all the trappings and no substance. Use it wisely, use it well, Hansi would want you to!

(P.S., some day soon, we hope to bring you a picture of Mr Hammond in a fantastic piece of cyber punk suitery, by the Lovely K-1.)

What else has been happening in Kirstin World?
I went to Wellington to watch the parade for the world premiere of Return of the King.
I noticed on the news later that I was not the only one there in the crowd of thousands with a stereo camera - Peter Jackson also had one!
Yay me, I rock.

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