Monday, December 15, 2003

Now, sadly, I must also mention that yes indeedy the redoubtable Cheltenham (The ginger everyman cat) has passed on.
Kidney failure, but at 16 years, he did pretty darn well.
Tempted by a cat myself, which will be looking for a home.. the rather big Sparecat - so named because he adopted his current owners by simply walking in as a kitten, and making himself at home.
Only 1 and a half, and yet easily bigger than most cats I know!
Will wait and see. The owner of the late Chelts may eventually wish for another. (I have mentioned Sparecat to her.)

Well, it was warrant of Fitness time for the car - I thought I had everything sorted, but then it failed the warrant on account of a leaky brake cylinder thing. Ah.
That would be the brakeshoes and fluid and new tyres notwithstanding! Didn't even know there was a leak, but apparantly so. Fair enough, but how does one know everything there is to know about mechanics when one is an animator?
(Not grumpy, just wry!)

It goes to show that when you are squeaking by with your tight budget, and have (with help) been able to fix all the other things (lights, bumper, door), that the one thing you thought was sure to pass (i.e. the brakes) - uhh, nup!

I am reminded of the Terrahawks at this point in time, (and my eyebrow is escaping to heights that even Hugo Weaving might aspire to..), when I say the phrase "Expect the Unexpected."

So remember that phrase.
And remember - "Candy Goth!"
Hmm. Should I paint my car black? Mmmm - nup!

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