Thursday, November 20, 2003

I have the sad little suspicion that the "everyman cat" (You know, that cat that knows everyone on the street, and their house, intimatly) has passed on to the nether hunting grounds.

Officially he belonged to the lady who lives in the flat behind mine.
Technically though, we belonged to him.
I have not seen his bowl, nor the familiar sight of him in the driveway, on the doorstep or under the car.
I'm fairly sure he's not at the cattery - my hope is that he may be doing time at the vet for something that needed fixin' (him being the scrapper and all.)
He's been getting on in cat years though... :(

So, expect celebrations if he should return. (I'll ask the lady next time I see her.)
Missin' the Wee Man....

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