Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Hello, my name is Kirstin and I'll be your blogger for this evening.

Today I created tiny little placards with miniscule handwriting, and planted them around the ant poison traps in the office kitchen with small blobs of blu-tack. (for those unfamiliar with blu-tack, this is goopy blue stuff that is kinda rubbery as well - used (normally) for the adherence of posters to walls, but I digress...)

The placards read - "The End is Nigh", "Repent Repent", and "Turn Back!".
My work there is done. If ants don't deign to learn English, and to be fair I have done my best to make the writing really small (yet legible), then it is their own silly fault if they imbibe too much sugary evilness and die die die!!!!


With that out the way, I am now back at the work place, the time is 11 p.m., and after this blog entry I am going to kick several pretty shades of arse in Diablo II. Yes, I am having addiction relapses.

Beowulf (a Geat disguised as a Paladin) is having a rest tonight. (He was out kicking bums with Big Dave (a Barbarian with sensitive soul of a poet), last night.)
So Ninecats is going to earn his Necromancer stripes.


By the way, when voting becomes open to the running of esoteric nature, I will be in the camp that votes for the 27 hour day with no lengthening of work hours.

Meanwhile, Evil Penguin Ving (who is not really evil - only megalomaniacal), has built his own little dictatorship. (Although he would prefer the term Flippocracy - hmm I wonder if I can change it to read thus??))
It can be found at this website:
Nation States
and here is the dossier on the Dictatorship of Ving.


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