Friday, October 10, 2003

Lord Dunsany!!

This is the author of the missing link that falls between Xanadu and Middle-earth.
Heavily influential writing, inspiring the likes of Tolkien and (a little more recently), Neil Gaiman.
Dang near inspires me too, if I only had a novel to write...

Read his work.

On other news, the delectable chicken of Apricot/honey/ginger stuffing and Rosemary/salt/butter coating, was removed from the oven of good things today, and dined upon by ravenous savages. (Okay, only by me and my friends, but that's close enough!)

My keyboard (of the musical variety) decided gaily to wipe all its memorybanks and spit vile sounding screechings out of the amplifier instead.
Not very thoughtful of it.
Fixments unsure at this stage - awaiting to see if such illogical reasonings by electronica are covered by insurance.

I claim all colanders as mine by some loophole in the law. (See if you can find it. I can't, so it must be there!)
This is an application of world logic as we know it today.
Area 51 exists, as do conspiracy theories about the deaths of presidents, the existence of Pyramids, and global warming.
It is denied, therefore it must be true!!
What I cannot find, clearly exists because I can imagine it might.
Except for my other socks.

You may want whatever it is that I'm on, but it is merely my chair. Should you remove it from me to be on it yourself, I will fall to the ground and that would displease me.

Will now endeavour to show image of penguin eating haggis, neeps and tatties.

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