Saturday, October 11, 2003

Hot watootie!
Yay for friends, without whom we would be lost.
Yay for lost friends too. (One in particular knows who I mean - hello to her! *waves* *hugs*)

I count myself as fortunate to know people whose ways with words are as myriad as the sun splintering on a prism, who have talents in many aspects of the arts. It inspires me, simply being around them.

I cannot help the flowery nature of my current writing, I blame Lord Dunsany. It's all his fault.
You haven't read anything by him yet?
Deepest shame upon your inky soul, for until you have been cleansed by immersion in the play of words, think not to come among us with coarse shirts of ill strung literature. (This is scarily easy, writing today's blog thusfar!)

I often thought I had an ease of way with insults of the prose-ridden nature.
(As a child, she was struck repeatedly on the head by cumbersome encyclopedias that fell from her overstocked bookshelves. She read them for fun - the myths, the legends, histories, and "how things are done" type of stuff.
Regretfully she cannot recall the flag of Uganda to mind, nor is she precisely sure how to pierce the bark of a maple tree to get the sap to run, but she knows that chicle was once a key part of chewing gum. It may still be, for all she knows.)

Why do I like blogs? Because it enables me to remove the buildup of useless information from my memory bank, and at the same time, my bed is being warmed by a toasty electric blanket running from the same multiplug as the computer.

New word of the day. Junken.
Like Drunken, but referring to people who are too full of drugs to be coherent.

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