Thursday, May 22, 2003

In which Kirbs instructs John in the matter of getting work on Terry G.'s Brother's Grimm movie.

The plan is this.
John is to track down a small medieval town in Czechoslovakia, (in this example we will use the reputedly lovely setting of Cesky Krumlov near the Austrian border.)

In order to ascertain the presence of a Gilliam, John will cunningly disguise himself as a quaint little red roofed village house. He will wander the streets until he stumbles across the secret location of Mr Gilliam.

At this point he will remove the house and prepare to defend himself.
The Gilliam will probably seek to attack John with a pink Fechtfüß (basically a giant foot.)

Despite appearances to the contrary, this is merely a cordial means by which Mr Gilliam can assess how determined the artist is, to work on the production.

The following stages are now crucial for John, who may choose to break off a small portionof the house to use as a shield. At all costs, John must cleave the Fechtfüß (more correctly known by Historians as "Fechtbuchfüße") in twain.

At which point, the Gilliam will fall on his side in submission, proffering the Golden Contract of Antioch.

Easy peasy!

And now, a simple diagram of the above plan, rendered in the manner of D. Zeidler's "Stunning Realism" TM.

* * * * *

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